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'Gives voice to a new generation.' BBC Radio 4

'In quietly ambitious prose, Sonal Kohli charts the turbulent three decades of a 'rising' India.' Pankaj Mishra

'[Sonal] has a way of absorbing the reader in her world, and also revealing very delicately how that world is surprising, unexpected, and in flux.' Amit Chaudhuri

'[Kohli] takes us into the living rooms I grew up in in India... Kohli entices.'  World Literature Today

A book of the year for  Hindustan Times, The Hindu,

The Wire, and more

Longlisted for the 2022 Tata Lit Live! First Book Prize 

The House Next to the Factory

"The house had two gates. There was a large rust-coloured one, past which Mr. Lamba could see nothing. It seemed like the entrance to the factory. A few metres ahead was a small white gate with a square grille at the top. Mr. Lamba walked his scooter to the smaller gate and parked it."

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